Individual Work
Group Work

Working with Groups and Organisations, FOUR CONSULTING offers a variety of Organisational Transformation and Development consulting services.

Organisations, teams, businesses, groups are not static entities but are living systems that function in response to pressures, positive and negative energies, stress and many other factors. Each group or organisation has a unique culture- a set of operating principles and habits (sometimes unconscious) that make (good and bad) things happen in the group. Just as with individuals, groups and teams and organisations require regular interventions - times of reflection and evaluation - during which more than simply an inventory is conducted or the next 'strategy' is handed out and discussed.

Organisational Transformation & Development Processes are systems-based interventions which enable organisations to unlock powerful energy sources for new creative cycles.   

Working with selected partners, I offer a range of organisational, business and corporate transformation interventions, including the following:

   * Organisational Transformation & Development Interventions (including crafting Vision /  Mission Statements, Strategic Planning, Research and Organisational Renewal)

   * Leadership and Management Development and Training

   * Staff Motivation & Team Building Programmes

   * Skills Development Programmes (Organisational Effectiveness)

   * Developing a 'Learning Organisation' Culture  

   * Coordination of Adult Learning Programmes

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